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Signs that may indicate that your air conditioner is in need of a repair or replacement:

• Your thermostat is not reaching temperature after setting the thermostat.

• Energy bills have increased. This could mean that the your air conditioner is clogged and needs a cleaning or maintenance.

• Water around the furnace. You coil could be frozen which could be caused by a clogged filter or the air conditioner low on freon.

• Your AC is making a loud noise. This could be a faulty motor or debris is trapped inside the air conditioner.


Here are some options that you should consider when purchasing an air conditioner:

Properly Sizing the Equipment: Undersized equipment, ductwork, and refrigeration piping can affect the functionality of your air conditioner.

SEER Rating: SEER Rating is the efficiency rating of the air conditioner. The higher the SEER the more efficient the air conditioner and the lower your monthly bill will be. SEER ratings of older AC units are typically very low. Air conditioners wear out over time and have older technology. It is typical to find old AC units with SEER ratings of 6-10 SEER. By upgrading your air conditioner, our customers typically see a large reduction in utility costs as well.

Single vs. 2 Stage Air Conditioners: Air Conditioners are available in single stage or two stage units. Two stage air conditioners are more efficient (lower electric bill) and provide better humidity removal. If you plan on being in your house for more than 5-years we recommend a two stage AC unit.

Zoning Capabilities:  Zoning systems are installed to even out hot and cold spots in a home. A two story home is a perfect application for zoning.  A zoning system would allow you to have a thermostat for each story without having multiple systems.

Steffens offers a variety of services for your commercial or residential location:

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